If it’s Monday this must be Chicago

25 Aug

Hi from the (other) Windy City.  I have had the weekend to recover from the travel shock (AKA jetlag) and see some of this great city.  Chicago is a really beautiful city – fascinating arcitecture and very friendly people.

To work you say – we don’t want to hear about your travels!

Day one of the Agile 2009 conference was great.  I attended two sessions:

Both were excellent. 

Mary related the fundamental principles of the Lean/KABAN approach as it applies to projects in general, linking the appoach to the way the Empire State Building was built in 1929/30.  She introduced the concept of Flow the theory of constraints, then linked it to the way work (should) flow through a software development project, focusing on keeping a steady pace of delivery and removing botlenecks.  This requres making sure that there is enough preparitory work done to ensure the team is able to start work as soon as the previous task is completed.

Elisabeth and Chris introduced the concepts behind simulation games, and over the afternoon each team we produced two usable games that can be used in the classroom to convey learning messages.

The attached photos show their key guilines. (Used with permission)

In addition to the conference sessions the evening was a networking goldfield.  It’s great to see how well regarded Software Education is in the Agile community.

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