Test Manager – The movie

29 Aug

I recently found out that someone has finally made a movie about a test manager.  What could be more dramatic and poignant than testing on a high pressure projec?

Oddly though the movie is a comedy that is apparently based on fact.  “The Pentagon Wars”  is about the testing of the “Bradley fighting vehicle” and has a familiar plot to testers:

  • The PM wants to “smooth over” flaws during testing prior to going live.
  • The test manager wants to stop the product being shipped as a deathtrap.

The only quote I have is from the “PIR”.  Burton is the test manager being referred to and Partridge is the PM who is responding to questions.

  • Major General Partridge: Just because the tests didn’t turn out the way Colonel Burton thought they would, was no reason to suspect there was anything devious going on.
  • Madame Chairwoman: I ask you General, filling the fuel tanks with WATER before a test to check the combustibility of those tanks, that wasn’t devious?
  • Major General Partridge: If the tanks had been filled with fuel, there’s a good chance the vehicle would have exploded.
  • Congressman #1: Isn’t that the point?
  • Major General Partridge: If the vehicle had exploded, we wouldn’t be able to run additional tests!

Has anyone seen the movie, or found a similar one on BAs or project managers?

Posted by James King


Posted by on August 29, 2009 in Culture, Testing


2 responses to “Test Manager – The movie

  1. Sharon Robson

    September 4, 2009 at 1:05 pm

    LOL – I’m pretty sure I’ve been in meetings that follow that script….it went something like:

    Test Manager: Can we review the requirements before the coding starts.
    PM: hmmmm….that may take a long time and if we find errors we will have to get them fixed before we can start coding which will delay the time line.
    Lead Developer: We have assumed that the test team will be able to find all the defects after the code has been written, there is no need to find them now….

    Test Manager: ARRRGGGGG!!!!!

    (no – this was real life, not a scene from Dilbert!)

  2. James King

    September 5, 2009 at 11:02 am

    I think I was in a remake of you movie – same script, different actors


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