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Agile Barcamp returns to Wellington

The 2nd Wellington Agile Barcamp happens on 12 December 2009, with a theme of “Increasing awareness of Agile in New Zealand“. 

For full details see the link below.

I plan to be there, and look forward to catching up with the Wellington Agile community.  I’ll blog about the sessions here afterwards.

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Pair Testing

I was reading Sharon’s post on Test Pairing (run by Karen N Johnson at STANZ 2009) and I automatically made the connection with Pair Testing. They aren’t the same and in talking with Karen at STANZ I mentioned my assumption to Karen which in turn reminded me of a time in which I was involved in pair testing a public Government website.

The great thing was that we had management support. Without it, It would’ve been easy to suggest that its a waste of time having two testers assigned to the same piece of work.

Huh? Two testers, same work? What’s that all about?

Pair testing isn’t new and in fact it has more well known cousin in Pair programming. What it does well is that it allows for two different sets of eyes testing the product. Essentially one is the *driver* and drives the keyboard whilst the other is the *observer* or *navigator* (I prefer navigator – its name suggests a more hands on role.) The navigator is there to suggest ideas, learn, be mentored, mentor, record, find information etc.  These roles are of course, interchangable, and allows for a very shared, creative testing activity (of course there are challenges as there are in any approach but we won’t discuss them here.)

As we were testing, we interchanged a number of times and discussed and discovered a number of bugs. This is one of the benefits of pair testing in that brain can be engaged on task longer and is a lot fresher because of the role swapping, different perspectives and the exchange of ideas they will come flowing.

I’ve been involed with pair testing and it works. I have also seen it in action and its an approach that we should consider more often!

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Defining the Business Analyst role

I was recently asked to provide some links or reading about the basics of business analysis, what is the role of the BA and how is it described. 

Doing some quick research if found the following set of links:,business,analyst 

My reason for posting them here is to provide a place we can refer people to with a quick answer to the question about what a BA does and aspects of the role.

What useful links have others found?  Please add comments on this post so we can have a useful list.

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Expanding into Africa

I was privileged to deliver Software Education’s first courses in Africa over the last two weeks. 

We have partnered with South African training provider NextGen who will now deliver the Business Systems Analysis course in Southern Africa.  The first week I ran a “train the trainer” session for the NextGen team and was very impressed by the calibre of the people – they’re a great bunch who will do an excellent job bringing the material to this new and vibrant marketplace.

In the second week I delivered a course  on behalf of NextGen for one of their customers.  The venue was a lovely conference resort, The Golden Pipet, great location in Centurion, great food and a wonderfully productive environment to teach/learn in. 

The first South African BSA class

The first South African BSA class

As you can see from the picture, we all enjoyed the class.

Thank you to everyone who made my trip to South Africa so enjoyable, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in business analysis!

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