Thoughts on the Wellington Barcamp

15 Dec

The Agile Barcamp was held in Welligton on Saturday the 14th of December.  This was the first Barcamp I have attended and I was really impressed.

Fronde hosted the event, and are due a vote of thanks for allowing us to use the premises.  The APN organisers kept things running to time and herded the cats well 🙂 

The event was truly self-organising – we started by posting a list of sessions we wanted to present onto a timetable, and participants chosing what they wanted to listen to.  After each session the agenda was revisited and changed as needed.  There ended up being 3 streams, each with four sessions of 45 minutes, so 12 talks in all. 

I delivered a talk on Why Agile Works, which seemed to be well received. 

I then attended Rashina Hoda’s session presenting early results from her PhD research – some very interesting material on roles that emerge in self-organising Agile teams.  I look forward to hearing about the final results.

Pete Tansey led a discussion about challenges and anti-patterns of Agile adoption.  Some really good discussions and Pete gave out a great “Agile Risk Assessment” checklist he uses when discussing Agile projects with PMOs.

The last session I attended was a discussion of the opportunities and challenges of implementing Agile in government departments.

Adrian Kearns audio recorded some of the sessions and posted them as podcasts here: 

Photos taken on the day can be found here: 

It was a pleasure to meet new people and catch up with some old friends in the Wellington Agile community.  I came away with the clear feeling that Agile is alive and well in Wellington. 

Thanks for making it a great day – a very worthwhile investment of my time on a Saturday.

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