STANZ speaker profile: Karen Johnson

15 Aug

If you’re interested in testing you’ll want to hear what testing experts have to say on the subject. At this year’s STANZ (Software Testing Australia New Zealand conference) there will be presentations from four international testing experts. Each week we’ll tell you a little bit more about each of them. This week we’re introducing Karen Johnson.

About Karen:

Karen is a software test consultant. She is based in Chicago but travels to speak at conferences around the world and work with organisations planning test strategy.

She has worked as a software tester or test manager since 1992 after catching the testing bug (pardon the pun) while writing technical guides.

Karen’s testing history is very varied. She has worked with banking, manufacturing and ecommerce software as well as content management systems, medical software and business intelligence initiatives.

As well as teaching and testing Karen is a contributing author to the book Beautiful Testing released by O’Reilly publishers. She has published numerous articles and blog posts about her experiences with software testing.

Working with Remote and Distributed Teams

The biggest key to a successful project is good communication. Unless you always work on your own there will come a time when you have to explain something to someone. Still, that’s pretty easy isn’t it? You just talk.

Unfortunately it isn’t that simple, maybe the person you need to talk to is in a different office, in another country, and is awake when you’re asleep and asleep when you’re awake. Maybe they speak with a different accent to you, or have a different understanding of what certain words mean, or a different cultural perspective. Maybe you’ve never met them, nor will you ever meet them, so you don’t know whether to be very formal or more chatty. Maybe you’ve never worked with them ever before.

Good communication is about more than you communicating out, it’s about considering how your communication will be received by the person on the other side. This keynote talk will focus on good communication skills, how to get them and how to use them when you can’t see the person you’re communicating with.

The Strategy Part of a Test Strategy

Strategic planning is an indispensable skill for test leads and testers alike. A test strategy is the first thing a test manager or lead needs to develop, before you can even write a test plan.

You might not always have all of the resources you would like on a project, so this workshop will show you how to use what you have to get what you need. It will look at ways to get input from other team members. It will help you to get buy-in from all of the concerned parties and overcome political obstacles. Finally it will help you to continuously assess and monitor you testing efforts as your project progresses. After attending this workshop you’ll be able to think and plan strategically on any project that comes your way.

Here is a brief video clip of Karen at the Software Test Professionals Conference earlier this year:

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