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STANZ Wellington and Melbourne

Wow –how cool was it to catch up with everyone at STANZ in Wellington. The Amora hotel was great sized for the conference and it was fabulous to see so many familiar faces. It was also great to have such a line up of presenters. Then after Wellington we went to Melbourne. It’s fascinating how two different towns with almost the same conference presenters can create such a different event. I love the fact that STANZ is in two places to give this effect. Obviously the audience is the key factor! Different audiences, different questions, different learnings, different approaches – so many differences, but still some fabulous outcomes.
I know that Jonathan Kohl was awesome in his opening session and Karen Johnston had us all riveted with her view on the virtual teams (more on these later). It seems the whole conference was about challenging the way you think and what you currently do. We also had a really strong focus on providing value for the business. This was backed up by Mark in Melbourne talking about testing from the point of view of a CEO. I loved the fact that all of the presenters had a different point of view for how and where we can look at our work, our work place, our approaches and our mindsets. I really liked the way the audience interacted and challenged, and it was really funny to sit in Gorenka’s session on Testing Games and see how many people became hooked on SET as a way of stretching their minds (once again – more on that later). Jan Japp’s discussions on TMMi and thinking and challenging your approaches was also great! I enjoyed the checklists and new approaches that I took away from the conference, and I spoke with so many people who mentioned that they had things that they wanted to do as soon as they got back to work – now that is what I call a valuable conference!

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