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Building the business case for an agile transformation

I was very impressed to see one of our Senior Account Managers, Daniel Luschwitz, actively blogging in the agile space recently –

Daniel very succinctly outlines an effective approach for creating a buzz and winning support for Agile in an organisation, summarised by his quote:

“We want you to be a part of the team that is developing this product. Every two weeks we will show you what we have done. You can then give us feedback about you would like and what you would like us to chance. We want to work on the items that are most important to you first up. If you want additional features along the way, no problem, we’ll show you what is left to achieve and you can make a decision on what is more important.”

For me, this posting demonstrates how the passion and enthusiasm of one group (in this case Software Education’s trainers) can rub off on another (our ‘pesky sales people’ as Daniel cheekily refers to himself in his post). Nice one Dan!

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Good luck to Shane at Agile 2009 Conference in Chicago

Our very best wishes go to Shane Hastie who flies off to Chicago in a few days to present at Agile2009 (

Shane has two very interesting talks lined up; one titled “A Business Value Focused Model for Story Identification & Prioritisation” and the other “Agile Attitudes Necessary for Business Survival in Today’s Economy”.

Shane has threatened/promised to keep us updated via this blog with how he gets on at the conference, and we wish him luck with his quest to win the “session with the longest title” award.

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