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SoftEd runs a course in Israel for M86 Security

Software Education is delighted to announce that we are delivering our Practices of Agile Teams training course for M86 Security, the global expert in real-time threat protection and the industry’s leading Secure Web Gateway provider. Our chief knowledge engineer Shane Hastie is flying to M86’s R&D centre in Tel Aviv, Israel in July to deliver the Agile course and will then go on to M86’s offices in Orange County (O.C. ) in California to provide some consultancy services, following on from training he delivered to the O.C-based team last year.

This will be the first time that SoftEd has delivered a course in Israel, although we have always had a global reach with courses taking place in the U.K. and U.S. as well as Australia and New Zealand. We are proud to see that yet again knowledge from ‘down under’ has such influence across the world! M86 Security are a global organisation and our ability to work with them in Israel, the U.S. and New Zealand is a testament to our dedication to providing our customers with a tailor-made solution for their training requirements. Shane first gave a short Agile tutorial to the M86 Security research and development team in Auckland, which lead to more training for their New Zealand team and then the opportunity to work with the team in O.C., culminating now also with the trip to Israel. Thom Linden, SVP of Global Research and Development at M86 Security said, “To make a successful transition to Agile, training and coaching from experts, who have the right combination of knowledge and effective interaction skills are extremely valuable. SoftEd has achieved great results in mentoring our development teams to adopt practices and tools to successfully apply Agile in our business.”

Shane is looking forward to this trip, which adds to what has been a busy and exciting year for him with not only several training and public speaking engagements but also with his work with the IIBA defining the Agile Extension to the BABOK (Business Analysis Body of Knowledge). He is the only Australasian member of the committee developing BABOK version 3.0. Shane will also be speaking at Agile 2011 in Salt Lake City on 8 – 12 August with Steve Adolph.

M86 Security is the global expert in real-time threat protection and the industry’s leading Secure Web Gateway provider. The company’s appliance, software, and Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions for Web and email security protect more than 25,000 customers and 26 million users worldwide. M86 products use patented real-time code analysis and behavior-based malware detection technologies as well as threat intelligence from M86 Security Labs to protect networks against new and advanced threats, secure confidential information, and ensure regulatory compliance. The company is based in Orange, California with international headquarters in London and development centers in California, Israel, and New Zealand.

Software Education are internationally recognised for their expertise in software development training. With over 50 different course titles in Business Analysis, System Design, Programming, Software Testing, IT Management and Agile Development, Software Education not only provide access to leading-edge content but also to an unrivalled network of international experts.

Whether through Software Education’s public courses, individually tailored in-house training or our international conferences, STANZ and SDC, you will acquire practical, relevant skills which you can use immediately or work towards certification.

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Exploratory Testing is Dead! Long Live Wombat Testing!

During one of my many customer visits last week I was talking to someone who has been a software tester and business analyst for the last six years. We talked about the variety of training courses there are available and the benefits they provide (letting them know that we offer lots of great testing courses at SoftEd of course!).

This customer hasn’t been on any training courses so far in their career but they did attend our STANZ conference in 2008 and it proved to be an informative experience. Without any specific guidance their team at work had come up with their own terminology for what they did, such as “Wombat Testing”. This was the name they gave to the practice of ‘burrowing’ through a system looking for bugs. After attending STANZ they realised that what they did had a ‘proper’ name: Exploratory Testing; and that actually lots of other test teams use it as well and have had great results.

I thought this was interesting for two reasons. Firstly I’ve heard people say ‘I don’t have time for training’ so many times, however when people have been able to go on a course or go to a conference we get an overwhelmingly positive response. This was certainly the case for this particular tester. They were in the middle of a big project when STANZ 2008 was on, and they had to make a case for attending the conference, but because they were successful they not only got to meet other testers with similar war stories but they also acquired new skills to improve their “Wombat Testing”. Secondly I think “Wombat Testing” is a brilliant name – Exploratory Testing is Dead, Long Live Wombat Testing!

(By the way, this is meant to be a story more than a sales pitch but if you do want to know more about STANZ you can visit our website and if you want help making a business case to secure your attendance this year, get in touch with SoftEd!)


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Expanding into Africa

I was privileged to deliver Software Education’s first courses in Africa over the last two weeks. 

We have partnered with South African training provider NextGen who will now deliver the Business Systems Analysis course in Southern Africa.  The first week I ran a “train the trainer” session for the NextGen team and was very impressed by the calibre of the people – they’re a great bunch who will do an excellent job bringing the material to this new and vibrant marketplace.

In the second week I delivered a course  on behalf of NextGen for one of their customers.  The venue was a lovely conference resort, The Golden Pipet, great location in Centurion, great food and a wonderfully productive environment to teach/learn in. 

The first South African BSA class

The first South African BSA class

As you can see from the picture, we all enjoyed the class.

Thank you to everyone who made my trip to South Africa so enjoyable, and I look forward to hearing about your adventures in business analysis!

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High Performance Teams Emerge

Something that came across to me last week when delivering a suite of Agile courses is how high-performance teams emerge.   One day of the course covers the identification of reuirements as stories; to help make it real we used two actual projects that the customer is about to start.  They are the two most important pieces of work this group is currently facing, so the pressure is real.

We had 25-or-so people in the class, so they split into two groups (based around the teams that will actually work on the projects).  I briefly explained the theory of stories and turned the teams loose. 

It was wonderful to behold – there was a bit of thrashing at the beginning, then the teams self-organised and worked fantastically together.  After about 2 hours we paused and had a brief retrospective (what’s working, what’s not, what still confuses me…) to ensure the teams remained on point. 

The session continued until about 4:30, at which time we stopped and asked what had been achieved.  The reaction was one of wonder – in the course of a single day of workshop they had scoped and prioritised the two most important pieces of work facing their group for the next 6 months.  Every person in the teams understood their project goals and objectives and what the most important features need to deliver. 

Some of the comments I heard inclided:

We achieved in one day what normally takes us six weeks

For the first time I understand why we are doing a project

It was an energising experience for me to facilitate, and I got the feeling it was great for the participants.

I’m going to send this link to the people who were in the session and ask them to comment.  I wonder if their experiences were the same as mine…

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